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White Paper

Are you tired of gambling on which BSC token you should be buying into? Are you worried about the risk of being left 'Holding the bags' after a pump and dump?

Elite Token was designed to ensure that this never happens. Not only does our deflationary token have a built in burn and redistribution function, but we have also created our own innovative system which guarantees the price will always continue to grow.

We have implemented a 9% Dev/Investment wallet which we will use to stake in Farming pools across the BSC smart chain network. We will use the tokens in this wallet to stake into various pools which guarantee returns of around 10-35% every month. This wallet is owned by the newly formed limited company 'Elite Growth Protocol LTD' and all profits will be owned by the Elite community, to be pumped straight back into the token every single month. This means there will be a constant flood of token buys and liquidity added to the LP, which will ensure the price always increases and makes for a more stable environment where Elite Holders are able to sustain gradual profits on a monthly basis. By pumping more and more money into the token each month this will also cause the supply of tokens to decrease every month due to our implemented 3% burn function, whilst also causing holders wallets to grow whilst adding real value to the liquidity pool. The Developers of Elite Growth Protocol will gradually increase the amount of money being staked  which will be a catalyst for real and measurable growth in value, meaning that everyone who holds our token is guaranteed to make profit, no matter when you invest.

Elite Growth Protocol was made with transparency in mind. That's why we have created our Telegram and Discord groups within which we will provide a clear paper trail for anybody who wishes to 'Follow the money' and see that we really are community driven, with maximum profit and sustainability in mind. We will provide constant updates, including daily Facebook live videos with proof of stakes and we promise to ensure that any withdrawals from the investment wallet will be done in a controlled manner, to protect the price of your tokens.

Elite Growth Protocol has locked the liquidity pool so that there is no risk of a 'Rug Pull' scam and ownership of the investment wallet has been transferred to Elite Growth Protocol LTD which we formed on 02/06/2021. The Development team have been awarded a 5% wallet, which will be split between the whole team equally in the future, as a reward for their hard work and efforts in making the Elite vision a reality. All the rest of the tokens will be sent to the contract, for the general public to buy and achieve Elite status.

How are we community driven I hear you ask?

Elite Token will create a voting platform so that holders of the Token will control exactly where the investments are staked, to ensure that nothing is done without approval from the community, to ensure every holder has the chance to have their say.